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Included in the price of the program

  • Federal Background check

  • Motor Vehicle Violation Check

  • Competency

  • Drug Test

  • Quizzes, Tests, Final

  • Online Textbook (NA1), Hard Copy CNA2

  • Clinical Rotation Schedule

  • Badge, badge holder, lanyard

  • Syllabus Lab/Skills/Clinicals

  • Nursing Assistant Online Testing

  • Headmaster Printed Handbook

  • Complete access to Online NA Program

  • Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED Training (NA1)

Picture of a Nurse Assistant

               NA1 Program

Application Fee: $250 (Non-Refundable)

Drug Test: $25

Background Check: $40

Online Book (NA1)$72

Red Cross CPR Fee: $40

Online Course Fee: $450

Tuition: $1,123

Total Cost: $2,000

               CNA2 Program

Application Fee: $250 (Non-Refundable)

Background Check: $40

Drug Test: $25

Book Hard Copy: $72

Workbook $25

CS: Skill for CNA2: $45

Tuition: $863

Total Cost: $1,320

Supplies Needed not included in Cost of Program

White Scrub Top ($12.00 if purchased at ARK)

Red Scrub Bottoms ($12.00 if purchased at ARK)

Watch with a 2nd hand (Non-Smartwatch)

Athletic Shoes (No open toe or heel)


Watch with second hand

Disclaimer: All items required at the start of the 1st day of Lab/Skills/Clinicals. If purchasing Scrubs with cash please bring exact change.

Payment Policy

There is an additional charge for paying by credit card currently 3.65% (Rates subject to change). You will not be able to start the class until tuition is paid in full even if your employer is paying the cost of your Tuition. Refund Policy: If the student cancels enrollment in writing three days before commencement of the first day of classes.

Need help paying for school?

If your employer does not offer financial compensation to invest in your future career and you cannot afford to pay yourself don't get discouraged. ARK Foundation does have Grant Opportunities. Give us a call so we can discuss how to fund your education with a Grant so you can take the first step to starting your rewarding Career.

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