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Q: If I miss any time can I still graduate the NA1 Program?

A: No, all 80 Classroom Hours must be completed to start Clinicals and all Clinical Hours must be completed in order to Graduate the NA1 Program.

Q: Can I still start the NA1 Program without returning the Medical Education Student Physical Examination Form by the given Deadline?

A: No, The Medical Education Student Physical Examination Form must be returned by the deadline given for the Class you are planning on attending as stated on the Application Process.

Q: Will I be required to be fully COVID-19 Vaccinated to start the NA1 and NA2 programs?

A: Yes, all students are required to be COVID-19 Vaccinated and provide a copy of COVID-19 Vaccine card during the Application process.

Q: After completing the Nurse Assistant program can I use my Instructor as a personal or professional reference?

A: No, your instructors job is to teach and evaluate your performance as a student and not to provide personal or professional reference.

Q: Do I need my CPR Certification to attend Ark NA programs.

A: You do need a valid CPR Certification to attend the NA2 program, however do not need you CPR Certification for NA1 as this will be something we certify our NA1 students.

Q: If I cannot afford new scrubs, however have some that are in good condition but are not the school uniform colors can I use those?

A: Yes, we understand that not everyone's financial means are the same and as long as the Scrubs are in good condition and appropriate you can use them even if they are not the same color as the ARK Foundation School Uniform.

Q: If my work is paying my full Tuition to ARK Foundation directly do I need to pay the Non-refundable Application fee?

A: No, if your work will be paying the cost of your Tuition you will not need to pay the Non-refundable Application fee.

Q: I have breathing problems will I be required to wear a face mask?

A: Yes, all staff and students are required to wear a face mask both in Classroom and Clinicals.

Q: I want to Donate to The ARK Foundation how would I donate?

A: If you want to be one of our Financial Donors to support The ARK Foundation Non-Profit Program please contact the Office directly so we can assist you.

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