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Our Story

ARK Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization that serves our community by providing Nurse Assistant Training Programs  furthering the skill sets and career opportunities to individuals within our community. We provide individuals with the training and the experience needed to become a Nurse Assistant able to provide quality care for residents in long-term care facilities such as skilled nursing facilities within our community. Nurse Assistants may also find positions in home health, hospice care, hospitals, and other health care settings increasing the number of Healthcare professionals within our rural community. We also partner with a number of local Healthcare providers who send us new hires to train as Nurse Assistants because they know the quality of training we provide at ARK Foundation.

NA1 Program

The ARK Foundation Online and American Red Cross CPR & AHA CPR is the premier provider of Nurse Assistant Training (NAT) and has prepared individuals for work in the nursing field for over 100 years. The program is designed with input from educators, caregivers, and long-term industry representatives from across the United States. The program places a high emphasis on learning excellent communications skills and the Art of NA1 to provide compassionate care for people in various health care systems. Through lecture, videos, role-playing, and laboratory practice, students learn procedural skills such as vital signs, bathing, dressing and positioning. The classroom is equipped with hospital bed and medical equipment to practice skills prior to the clinical rotation.

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CNA2 Program

We offer one of the best NA2 Program's in the industry by using a combination of lecture, hands-on/on-site, and audio-video training. We want you to succeed and help members of the community as you further your career as a Nurse Assistant 2.

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