Quickly increase your earning potential with a fulfilling career in health care as a NA1 nurse assistant. This is the opportunity you've been hoping for!

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The ARK FOUNDATION & American Red Cross is the premier provider of Nurse Assistant Training (NAT) and has prepared individuals for work in the nursing field for over 100 years. The program is designed with input from educators, caregivers, and long-term industry representatives from across the United States.

Day NA1 classes are available in which students learn in the best hands-on environment under the eyes of caring and professional nurses, supported by a nationally developed Red Cross Curriculum that meets or exceeds Federal standards.

The program places a high emphasis on learning excellent communications skills and the Art of NA1 to provide compassionate care for people in various health care systems. Through lecture, DVDs, role-playing, and laboratory practice, students learn procedural skills such as vital signs, bathing, dressing and positioning. The classroom is equipped with hospital bed and medical equipment to practice skills prior to the clinical rotation.

An emphasis on academics and hands-on skills training, graduates of the NA1 program are well prepared for the requirements to pass the state test and start working in the healthcare industry.


We offer one of the best NA1 Program's in the industry by using a combination of lecture, hands-on/on-site, and audio-video training. We want you to succeed and help members of the community at any level of their lives.


ARK Foundation Nurse Assistant Training Program provides individuals with the information and the experience needed to become a Nurse Assistant 1 who is able to provide quality care for residents in long-term care facilities such as nursing homes. Nurse Assistants may also find positions in home health, hospice care, hospitals and other health care settings. ARK Foundation Nurse Assistant Training Program partnered with the Red Cross is building a network of Training Providers across the country offering this NA1 program.

  • Imagine working a position that rewards you for caring about others…a job that is exciting and challenging…somewhere you make a difference. If you’re just starting your career or ready for a career change, now is the best time to consider becoming a Nurse Assistant (NA1).

  • A NA1, now more than ever during this time of COVID is an important part of today’s health care, with knowledge and skills that will always in demand. The ARK Foundation NA1 Training Program/partnered with the Red Cross prepares individuals with the information and the experience needed to become a NA1 who will provide the expert quality care for residents in rehabs, long-term care facilities, hospitals, home health care, hospice settings, and so much more.

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If your employer does not offer financial compensation to invest in your future career and you cannot afford to pay yourself don't get discouraged. ARK Foundation does have Grant Opportunities. Give us a call so we can discuss how to fund your education with a Grant so you can take the first step to starting your rewarding Career.